Johnny Miller’s Halloween Jam

Johnny Miller’s Toyland, there is always something going down. Johnny decided to throw a Halloween jam. It included a death race at the skate park, running cones, a slide jam, and a speed trap on a hill with a top speed of 50 mph. To top it all off Johnny threw a Halloween party with 3 bands and the Toyland Park lit up with lights for a night jam.

The death race was won by Zack ****. He was riding the park on his Honey deck with Retro ZigZags. He was flying around the park witch got Mr. Chris Chaput fired up and he was mobbing through the park on a JET machine with Fyre trucks and Centrax.

A bunch of old skoolerz showed up for the cones, which was dominated by Lynn Kramer. She was in top form flying through the cones. All the boys were having a hard time keeping up with her. She was tearing it up on her sk8kings deck with her black super secret prototype wheels.

The slide jam was going down at the same time as the cones. And when Trent **** wasn’t snapping pics for SloStoked Productions he was throwing some nasty slides. Also, Mr. Miller himself was throwing some stylish huge Coleman slides.

The speed trap was on the other side of the hill I was doing most of the speed gunning and amazingly ********* showed up on a old skool sims deck with its original set up and was mobbing down the hill and was clocked at 37mph it was unreal. He won the crazy award. Cameron **** won the speed trap clocking an even 50mph after a 3 way tie at 46 and 48mph he finally walked away with the win.

Last but definatly not least, the nightcap was a Halloween Party at Toyland. Three bands and people of all shapes and sizes showed up. There was even an ape shredding the bowl as the death metal band rocked the stage.

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