DaluaDownhill Episode 3 – GRN TM’s Douglas Dalua

Dalua Downhill is an amazing documentary not only for skateboarding fans. It’s a film for those who enjoy a good story. Signed by Brazilian production company Zeppelin Films, the registry of professional skateboarder Douglas Dalua chase for the IGSA World Tour Championship title goes beyond tracks and speed. It draws personal parallels, approaches the difficulties and makes no secrets about the ups and downs, the pain and delight of those who have in defiance a way of living. Helmed by directors Rodrigo Pesavento, Fernanda Krümel and Tiago de Castro, the documentary is divided into five chapters, each one with 23 minutes. Showing the beauty of natural hills throughout 5 continents – North America and South America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. we follow the emotional steps, from the podium to the birth of a daughter. Shining a spotlight in the delicate relations between friendship and competitiveness in the tour. The narrative subverts the marriage of skateboarding of to the urban life. Precisely by demanding speed and fluidity, downhill skateboarding uses more peaceful places as its stage to assure better safety of the athletes. Therefore gaining more bucolic landscapes and a closer contact , with nature. It’s a whole other vibe! But not only of beautiful landscapes, dreams and thrills build the journey of a skateboarder. At least not for Dalua. The hard life of living off of skateboarding, the bad choices, the troubles, the bad luck are all part of the ride. With a keen cinematic style, Dalua Downhill overcomes the mere portrait of the skateboard world and its incredible adventures. . It prefers the human side of a man’s struggle and his maneuvers in and out of the hills.
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