This website is dedicated to helping raise funds to cover medical bills for Dave Hackett’s emergency colon cancer surgery. As many of you know medical insurance for extreme athletes is very high and unfortunately his coverage had lapsed by one month leaving him totally uninsured and faced with 100k debt. Like many self-employed professionals some months are magic and some months are tragic. September turned out to be both. The tragic news of colon cancer and the magical team of experts that saved his life became the gift of the experience. Seriously escaping another LOOP of DEATH intact. In helping to raise funds so that his recovery can be less stressful, Daniel Sturt, legendary skate photographer, has donated his unparalleled photographic talent of Dave Hackett’s image doing THE LOOP OF DEATH at Tony Hawk’s facility. This amazing timeless image served as the cover for the 2006 ASR Concrete Wave issue. To offer relief, we are selling a limited run, signed and numbered, to help begin to raise some funds. Dave also has a few gold on black original canvas skate art pieces that he is wanting to sell to help pay those that saved his life. Click Here
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