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Greener Pastures EP3 Free-ride: Featuring Labarthe, Arderne, Kelly & Königshausen

In the search to find the most challenging roads in Switzerland, EP3 highlights the supreme variety found, but on one hill. Oh yeah, and a gondola to the top!

Greener Pastures EP2 — Equipment — Featuring Arderne, Labarthe, Kelly & Königshausen

Why is it 11? for ABEC 11

11-11-11 Skate Party! Open House at ABEC 11!

11/11/11 is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it here at the shop! As you can imagine it’s going to be a very GREEN day! If you can make it we’re stoked, if you can’t hit us up on Facebook at: ABEC 11 Wheels to show some GREEN love. We thank all of you so much for the support for all 11 years of ABEC 11!

Greener Pastures Episode I: Travelling — Featuring Labarthe, Arderne, Kelly, Königshausen

Downhill skateboarding gives us the unique opportunity to search out our next skate location in some of the most unique and extreme places in the world. Be it in our own town, country or making our way slowly uncovering the globe to embrace each opportunity to hone our skills.

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