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Greener Pastures EP4 Landscape Featuring Arderne, Labarthe, Kelly & Königshausen

There is nothing like a phenomenal landscape view that takes your breath away for kilometres on end while riding a mountain pass at +80km/hr. When you catch yourself standing up, jaw dropped gawking at the view of where you are, the tension is removed, spirits are elevated, and a privileged smile raises.

Greener Pastures EP3 Free-ride: Featuring Labarthe, Arderne, Kelly & Königshausen

In the search to find the most challenging roads in Switzerland, EP3 highlights the supreme variety found, but on one hill. Oh yeah, and a gondola to the top!

Greener Pastures EP2 — Equipment — Featuring Arderne, Labarthe, Kelly & Königshausen

Why is it 11? for ABEC 11

11-11-11 Skate Party! Open House at ABEC 11!

11/11/11 is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it here at the shop! As you can imagine it’s going to be a very GREEN day! If you can make it we’re stoked, if you can’t hit us up on Facebook at: ABEC 11 Wheels to show some GREEN love. We thank all of you so much for the support for all 11 years of ABEC 11!

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