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Greener Pastures Official Trailer – Featuring (James Kelly, Ramon Konigshausen, Yvon Labarthe, Matt Arderne)

“Greener Pastures” featuring ABEC 11 team riders James Kelly, Ramon Konigshausen, Yvon Labarthe and Matt Arderne is a film series hosted in Switzerland which encompasses a great diversity of landscapes offering an abundance of opportunity for places to film and explore. Featuring ABEC 11 team riders James Kelly, Ramon Konigshausen, and Yvon Labarthe.

The purpose of “Greener Pastures” is to expose some of the best skating with some of the best riders on earth in a high quality production. It is clear that longboarding has become an individual entity, distinct from other sports while still being connected to them. It is this new and vibrant identity that “Greener Pastures” looks to communicate to its viewers. But unlike other skateboard and longboard videos, “Greener Pastures” will represent all companies together, presented in an unbiased fashion. It is this type of unity that will allow for an uninhibited cooperation between riders. It is this sense of community and cooperation that is at the heart of the contemporary longboarding identity.

Produced by Patrick Switzer
Directed by 3heads Production

DaluaDownhill Episode 3 – GRN TM’s Douglas Dalua

Dalua Downhill is an amazing documentary not only for skateboarding fans. It’s a film for those who enjoy a good story. Signed by Brazilian production company Zeppelin Films, the registry of professional skateboarder Douglas Dalua chase for the IGSA World Tour Championship title goes beyond tracks and speed. It draws personal parallels, approaches the difficulties and makes no secrets about the ups and downs, the pain and delight of those who have in defiance a way of living.

ABEC 11 Slide Masters – Don’t Sweat The Technique

Black Forest by Yvon Labarthe!

Fernando Yuppie would say … “Siik Freehiding!!! KKKK!!!!”. Join the GRN TM’s Yvon Labarthe, Sebastian Bassler, Rebekka Gemperle and Ramón Königshausen for some quality “FreeRiding” in this ancient forest, which is famous for its legends and the black fir trees that dot the landscape.

Aaron Grulich Never Falling Down – ABEC 11/GRN TM

James Kelly called us one day and said we should check out this kid, who also happened to be rocking ABEC 11 wheels and a JET deck at a California slide jam. Yep, that’s a way to get our attention … so here’s Aaron Grulich’s first official GRN TM video filmed the day after his 19th birthday. Hope you’re as stoked as us on it!