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Sergio Yuppie – King of Downhill Slide

This is a short documentary about the untold story of Sergio Yuppie’s humble beginnings in the skateboarding world. From being just a kid with a dream on the streets of Brazil to becoming an international skateboard icon, Sergio remains true to his purpose in life – skateboarding for the pure love of it.

We celebrate a life driven by passion and adversity – a rags to riches story where wealth is not measured by monetary value. Here’s a living, breathing example of the goals that you can achieve, no matter how big you dream. This is the story of Sergio Yuppie.

Sk8Trip to Catalina 2013 – JET / ABEC 11 Longboarding

Get on board and follow the JET and ABEC 11 crew over to Catalina for the 2013 Island Classic downhill race. Drifting through the streets of Avalon, we had brought cases of the new Limited Edition Pink and Blue Flashbacks with us, but by sunset the GRN TM cored them all and made necklaces with the remains. Proud sponsors of the race pre-party, we believe that motorboating and Pabst Blue Ribbon is a killer way to kick things off and a good way to get kicked out of the first bar. We were right. But you can’t keep a group of thirsty skaters down for long and we soon found a new PBR watering hole in which to conduct our safety meetings. Now all that was left to do on Sunday was to get ready, set, and go. Relax and enjoy the show … it’s the 2013 Sk8Trip to Catalina!

Limited Edition Flashbacks in Pink 78a And Blue 81a

Keep Rory aka Chuckles and Mike Fitter HAPPY! For a limited time get your hands on some limited thane! That’s right we made a couple of batches in Flashbacks in Pink 78a and Blue 81a! Hit us or your local shop up … asap!

Get them NOW!

Elijah Vinograd, Born To Shred

If you’re into longboarding, certain names keep coming up and one of them is “Vinograd”. Actually, it’s double trouble because it’s shared by two Laguna Beach twins who are growing up fast in the land of shred. Elijah and Ethan Vinograd have Surf, Skate, Skim, and Steeze in their blood. Racing and freeriding are a part of the daily grind and best of all, there’s some fierce but friendly competition coming from across the hall. In this video it’s the evil twin and underwear model Elijah who gets the spotlight. Let it shine!

ABEC 11 in Puerto Rico – Sk8Trip to Guajataka 2013

Nestled in the hills of Quebradillas, Puerto Rico, the Guajataka Downhill has become THE main attraction for island locals, party animals, and skaters worldwide. With thousands more curious souls flocking to the race this year, the sidelines frequently spilled out onto a live track, with both spectators and skaters taking some heavy hits. The 2013 race was wet and wild and had its fair share of problems, but skaters always manage to find a way to make the best of it.

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