ABEC 11 Wheels

ABEC 11 Wheels
The world’s best wheels are built here in the USA!

Conical Series – Our wider Conical shapes have increased control for fluid rides. The “masters of the arts” in pools, pipes, parks and technical slides
Centerset NoSkoolZ are available in both soft and hard versions of our Classic formula. Perfect for rough ditches to smooth pools to technical slides.
NoSkoolZ in hard durometers are perfect for smooth surfaces, pools to technical slides

SideSet Series – Golden nuggets of buttery goodness. BertZ were developed for “Lords of Dogtown” and Flashbacks are our all time favorite longboard wheels. Sideset Flashbacks 70mm come in Classic Formula in both Amber: (81a) and Green: (75a, 78a, 81a). They feature a 43mm Contact Patch (CP), and they are extremely smooth and fast even on rough surfaces.

FreeRide Series - These radius-edged wheels are the renowned standard for freeriding and sliding down hills. Smooth, fast, and predictably drifty. Polka Dots have ton’s of wheel clearance for top mounts, and they’re a perfect slide jam wheel for your mega long toe-side stand ups
The Freeride wheels below feature our wide “FreeRide Core” that provides extra support to keep them amazingly stable and smooth while sliding
70mm Stone Ground FreeRides – The new 70mm version is totally awesome and will be your go to wheel for slide jams and downhill freeriding
72mm FreeRides set the standard in freeriding wheels. Great for all-around longboarding, carving, cruising, sliding and slashing

ZigTrax Series – Premium square lipped wheels with tons of speed and traction. Excellent acceleration, quiet and ultra smooth
ZigZags are fantastic all-around longboard wheels. Extremely smooth, grippy and fast, even on rough surfaces
Our #1 line up of longboard wheels in Classic formula are fast, smooth and more forgiving for sliding. In Reflex formula they are super fast and more grippy
Introducing the brand new 75mm BigZig HD and 75mm Centrax HD – These heavy duty racing models feature a larger/wider core and thicker lips. Ultimate Downhill racing wheels. The highest level of traction. The highest level of control. Smoother slides and the highest roll speeds.
77mm Centrax and 83mm Centrax corner like glue. More grip, more response with fast acceleration
The 83mm BigZig HD and 83mm Centrax HD were developed from our highly coveted and sought after Momo’s. HD’s are designed for ultimate roll speeds

Flywheel Series – Tank-like centerset wheels that roll over everything in their path. This large flagship series corners predictably and is perfect for bigger boards
107mm Electric Flywheels are simply huge and bad ass!

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