Pink Wheels by ABEC 11

Pink Wheels
For 2016 the Pink Series by Abec 11 has been discontinued. Please note that some of the models below are migrating into the 2016 Abec 11 line up. We have a limited supply of Pink P-52′s at closeout pricing. SickSicks and Seven-O’s are available in 81a as Abec 11 66mm and 70mm ZigZags in the same Blue color. Powerballs are discontinued but they are being replaced by our brand new Abec 11 70mm SG FreeRides in 78a, 81a and 84a.
ALL Pink Series wheels are now on sale! Coseouts – Limited Stock!
P-52′s 52mm: These Centerset wheels are excellent for street, pools, parks pipes & ditches. P-52′s are also a great sliding wheel.
SickSicks 66mm & Seven-O’s 70mm: Super smooth and ultra fast Offset wheels with insane traction.
Powerballs 72mm: Designed for buttery freerides. These versatile wheels are fast, smooth and very drifty.
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