Retro Wheels by ABEC 11

Retro Wheels
Combining the best of past, present and future … and bonding it in urethane.
BertZ 60mm: For old school to minis these small retro wheels are very smooth. Developed for the movie Lords of Dogtown.
ZigZags 66mm/70mm & BigZigs 75mm: Classic all-around longboarding to downhill racing. Extremely smooth, grippy and fast, even on rough surfaces.
Retro ZigZags
InvertZ 61mm: The “masters of the arts” in pool, park, pipe, ditch and slide wheels.
SkwertZ 62mm & VertZ 65mm: The masters of the arts in pool, park, pipe, ditch and slide wheels.
Skwertz and Vertz
FreeRide 72mm: Freeriding wheels for all-around longboarding, carving, cruising, sliding and downhill … fast, smooth and predictably drifty.
Retro FreeRides