subLIME Wheels by ABEC 11

subLIME Wheels
For 2016 the subLIME Series by Abec 11 has been discontinued. Please note that some the models below are migrating to the new Abec 11 line up. SnotShots will be replaced by the new Abec 11 BuckShots in the next few months. OddBallZ will be replaced by Abec 11 SkullBowls and the PowerSlides have been replaced with a new model called the Abec 11 TechSlides. Abec 11 60mm TechSlides are available now.
ALL subLIME series wheels are now on sale! Closeouts – Limited Stock!
SnotShots 50mm to 60mm: High Octane AFS (Anti-Flat Spot) urethane. Great for street, park, vert, pools and pipes.
OddBallz 59mm & 61mm: High Octane AFS (Anti-Flat Spot) urethane with a larger contact patch. Great for street, park, vert, pools and pipes.
PowerSlides 60mm/62mm/64mm: For the ultimate in hard wheel slides.
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